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The Real Deal on Bohemian Grove

Recently, I was asked for my take on Alex Jones and Michael Aquino, famous names in the conspiracy sphere of cyberspace. I was also asked to elaborate on hints I had given about Bohemian Grove, in a conversation I was involved in. As I despise long prefaces, I'll get right to it:

You asked what I found out about Bohemian Grove. Since how I found out about it is a fifty page email inofitself, I will refrain from going into that and direct you to this link:

In western Sonoma County you have a whole lot of ex-hippies that moved out of the Haight Ashbury area a long time ago and many of them are aging. Also here you have a biker community, a gay community which, oddly, seems at odds at times with the lesbian community. There is also a Renaissance Faire community that consists of performers of Renaissance Faires, amongst other things. In addition, there is a masonic-rosicrucian community and a scientological community, though smaller.

Now, on the surface this community is pretty complete, whole, and cohesive. Behind the scenes, however, is a never ending posturing and fighting for favorable opinion, as if nearly everyone is running for some office.

One thing that seems to run like a barely visible thread through it all is a string of nearly inaudible intelligence operations and outfits, from Mossad to others of a more Aryan nature, not to mention what west coasters often refer to as the "hippie mafia." Like a trail, this thread runs east and up into the mountains, through Calistoga and ultimately into Lake County. Lake County gets all those new police toys before anyone else anywhere does, including surveillance technologies. From Monte Rio (location of Bohemian Grove in Sonoma County) to Clear Lake, California (Lake County) is about a one and a half hour drive.

Now, understand that you can drive from Clear Lake to Monte Rio five times a week, at twenty over the speed limit, down Mark West Springs Road, and you will never get pulled over. This is a major methamphetamine pipeline, among the biggest in California and if you know anything about the topic, you will know that California is among the highest in meth use anywhere. In fact, along this route you are likely to find damn near any kind of drug you want.

Now, I would like to be clear on one thing and that is drugs: I think that certain inebriants have their place, though the more dangerous ones have theirs alongside nooses and carbon monoxide poisoning, both of which probably yield some sort of rush before accomplishing their purpose. My issue with the drug trade in this area, around Bohemian Grove, is that kinder, gentler drugs are systematically suppressed to maintain the market niche for methamphetamine and all too often, meth is used to induce various forms of behavior modification and sleep deprivation is an intrinsic part of this. As well, after a few weeks of regular meth use, the brain stops producing its own seratonin, relying on the drug to maintain a state of being awake. If you try to quit, it can take up to three weeks for the brain to start producing its own seratonin again (seratonin wakes us up and melatonin puts us to sleep - both triggered by light sensitive pineal gland) and that is a long time to go without being functional. This is why it is so dependency inducing.

Also, when one is dependent on one's dealer for consciousness itself, it becomes really easy to like one's dealer an awful lot and even excuse anything bad they do. In fact, it becomes easier to believe anything that such a person says. Like any other comfort or necessity, rationalizing whatever it takes to get it is easy. It is for this reason that the sex slave trade in California and other places is booming these days.

Now, young men that find themselves caught up in this also, invariably, find themselves surrounded by young women who, themselves, are willing to do almost anything to stay in the fold, and in some cases, anything at all. Often, young men that have, for whatever reason, been deprived of a social life and/or a sex life (as so many dysfunctional Americans are) are particularly susceptible to the allure of a sort of underground stardom. Get one of these people hooked on meth, given that he had been sufficiently socially deprived beforehand, and then take away the meth, the attention, the feeling of being on the inside of something, the girls, and the state of being awake itself, and some of these young men will do whatever it takes to get back on the inside. In such a case, what you have is a manufactured terrorist or assassin.

It was in this area where I would, by pure intuitive deduction, realize the connections ages ago between Templars and Assassins and one of the core pieces of lore around the Assassins is referred to as the Garden of Delights. At the garden of delights, men would awake having been drugged and kidnapped and suddenly find themselves surrounded by beautiful women catering to their every need and every manner of inebriant, too, was at one's fingertips. After a good while, they would be drugged again and put back in the desert and told that they had been cast from heaven and to return, they must carry out certain acts. If you have never experienced a powerful hallucinogen then this might not seem feasible. The power of some substances, accompanied by the right, engineered circumstances and setting, can be extremely potent. Imagine my amazement when I came across a book entitled The Templars and the Assassins, a couple of years later, only to find a review by Michael Aquino who lavished praise upon it.

To answer one of your questions, yes the mystification and associations created around a man like Aquino prompts the average investigator to look no further, to an inner truth, like the core of an onion. Most would look no further than that he has been accused of satanism and child molestation but we must not lose sight of his alleged Spanish, aristocratic heritage and his honorary Green Beret status. I call it honorary because, looking at him, I have a hard time believing that Colonel Aquino spent much time covered in mud and blood, in any jungle anywhere. Who knows?

Remember that scientist, in the Carolinas or maybe Virginia, that was murdered, in the wake of the anthrax attacks, by two teenagers in a ritualistic, satanic murder? No one looked any further into it did they? Repulsed by what one has uncovered, it rarely occurs that it could be a cover for something more sinister, if less sensational. Meanwhile, innumerable microbiologists have disappeared.

Back to Lake County, home of many unsung members of Jonestown, Pomo Indians, that often aren't talked about. Here, you have a new age community that consists in part of idealists and in part of psychic predators. A person with an open mind has advantages in the realm of spiritual growth and learning and disadvantages in resisting the charms of psyoperatives. One example of what I speak of is that the Mossad refers to MDMA as the "fuck and tell" drug.

Let's go a little further south and east. Some thirty miles or so to the southeast of Bohemian Grove is the home of the Temple of Set, in Marin County, arguably the richest county per capita in the United States. In this area, you have a local lore that is downright scary, one that claims that this is the best area in the world to live if you like to have your children outright disappear. Remember Polly Klaas? Now, the loose connection I can make to Michael Aquino, in my experiences there, experiences that involved attempts at trauma programming (they underestimated my resourcefulness when it comes to disappearing, utterly), is that many of the memes and paradigms he champions are also championed by the street folk of Santa Rosa, which is Spanish for Saint's Rose, which will come in later. The strong connection I can make to Michael Aquino, or the amazing coincidence (take your pick) is that I once spent a great deal of time with a man named Stephen Flowers while I was there. Serendipitously, the man that supposedly took over the Temple of Set after Aquino, I would later read, shared the exact same name. Whatever Stephen was into, he never let me on while we were together and we spent a good deal of time together. Same man? Good chance, I figure.

Santa Rosa is where I would hear that what I was going through was called the Ring of Fire. Johnny Cash wasn't just muttering some ditty. I think scientologists call it the wall of fire. Now the ring of fire also has to do with a psychiatric method involving something called groupthink, I've read, and the only thing I ever saww on it was brief and put out by a publisher called Tavistock (info on Tavistock Institute is here). This ring of fire business is a closely guarded secret and I was only able to barely penetrate it. One of the things that I find disturbing is that these people that talked of it have something in common with scientologists, whom purportedly, as I have said, call it the wall of fire and this is a belief in a spiritual hierarchy involving extradimensional beings (of a decidedly parasitical nature, it seems to me). As these people I once knew put it, "There is no planet he hasn't taken." The mysterious "he" was never named but if he is to be known by his fruits and defined by them, well, if you have read thus far you know what "he" represents. It is psychic fascism. Here, I would be told, "You would make a great spy." This was also where it was suggested that I drive a truck full of explosives into the police station.

Onward in an easterly direction, in the neighborhood of about a hundred miles, takes us to the Vacaville Medical Facility and the work of Jolyn "Jolly" West. Jolly was the psychiatrist in charge of a character known as Cinque, leader of the former Symbionese Liberation Army, the outfit that kidnapped and brainwashed Patti Hearst. Strangely, or not, West was also at one point in charge of the mental health of Timoth McVeigh and, believe it or not, Jack Ruby, the man who assassinated Lee Harvey Oswald. You can look it up. It's all out there.

Now, let's take our discussion still a little further south, to the Presidio, the avenue that turns into 19th Street in San Francisco. The Presidio is the location of the child daycare center that Aquino used to RUN for a small Army base there. Aquino was accused of all manners of sexual abuse of minors there and escaped any retribution. This is also an area where an inordinate number of homeless people have, apparently, disappeared over the years.

If you go just a few miles down the Presidio, a bit past where it turns into 19th Street, you will find yourself face to face with the largest Scottish Rite temple that I, personally, have ever seen. In truth, it dwarfs anything remotely masonic I have ever seen, unless we are to consider the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose or certain structures in the District of Columbia. I have never, personally, seen the Rosicrucian Museum, situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, but I hear it is enormous.

Let's go further south, to Santa Cruz, which is Spanish for Saint's Cross. Do you begin to see?

Halfway between the Saint's Cross and the Saint's Rose is the Scottish Rite Masonic Temple. Have you ever heard of the Rosy Cross? These elements have, apparently, been in place there since the naming of these towns.

Bohemian Grove is named after the Bohemian Club of San Francisco (an actor's guild of sorts from a hundred years back or more) which in turn is named after Bohemia which is in Czechoslovakia? Read up on Jacob Boehme some time, whose name curiously resembles that of this region. This should not be taken as a blanket condemnation of all who consider themselves modern "bohemians" but Jacob Boehme's philosophies are decidedly masonic in nature. To this day, Czechoslovakia has the world's best acid, or so I have heard.

Now ask yourself, why would actors make the best spies? The answer should be obvious. A good actor can make you think about him or her anything they want you to think. In the midst of all this stuff, in the San Francisco bay area, regarded as a bastion of anti-establishment thinking by some, we have actors entertaining the world's most powerful people. Is it just entertainment, I wonder, or does a little drop of something in a politician's drink, accompanied with theater designed to reach deep into the psyche, affect the course of worldly events?

To answer the Alex Jones question, he has ignored all my attempts to divulge this to him and has summarily ignored me altogether. Also, I am quite sure that one doesn't slip in and out of Bohemian Grove with or without a camera without being invited. Period. I don't consider him just another Texas boy.

It would be prudent to note that, contrary to some's instinct to leap from a fear of things masonic to the embrace of things Christian and/or Catholic, when the ops grew the most horrific, when I really thought I was going to break, there was always an emissary of some sort waiting on the fringe to take me into the Christian fold. My escape route was always through some Church or Mission, or so they thought. It's called controlled opposition. My choice was to be a spy or a lamb and I choose neither, thank you very much.

Postscript: It was in this region that I first heard of Mitre Corporation, a company tied in tightly with the events of September 11, 2001 and a tangential outfit to the JASON Group. Mitre, by the way, has its own masonic, esoteric history.


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