Friday, December 22, 2006

A Note to Readers

Since every time, it seems, that outfits like Yahoo! and Google upgrade the services that they offer (in this case I refer to Blogger's recent upgrade - owned by Google) it is merely an excuse for ever increasing encroachment on privacy rights (data mining), I am sticking with Blogger's old format.

I consider it no accident that
Google, who has long been considered a front for the national security state and who has recently been alleged to have been founded with CIA money (thereby, almost assuredly, cocaine, meth, or heroin money), has a webmail service that started by invitation only. Who were these inner elite that had been chosen or, rather, were charged with doing the early choosing?

I also consider it no accident that soon thereafter, Google made it possible to sign up with your cell phone. I think that, still, it is impossible to get Google mail without an invite from the network or by sending digital identity and tracking information from your cell network.

Now that Blogger is making the new beta version available only to those with Google accounts, it is easy to see a plan for internet domination. I don't have to inform the smarter readers that to control a medium is to control its contents. As Joseph Goebbels, head propagandist for the Third Reich, put it, the aim of a fascist state is to present an "ostensible diversity behind which lies an actual uniformity."

I have gone into all of this merely to let readers know that because of my refusal to embrace the new Blogger (which will almost certainly become the basic version before long) and because of the extent to which I have gone to lengths to bite the Gloggler hand that feeds me, I may one day suddenly be unable to post. As well, and hopefully not, my blogs could just disappear as had been the history of my attemtps to archive information online. Should that occur, I would give it a few months and you should, once again, be able to find me on your search engine. I usually don't stay off the map for too long. Perhaps the fact that I have given up my research into Mitre Corporation and other companies involved in the implementation of the operation that was
9/11 will help make me less of a target.

Just a heads up.


Blogger Mudlake Slim said...

I used to think that this blogging was the beginning of real freedom, but now I feel it is near an end and this will be poisoned ground someday.

December 26, 2006 12:33 PM  

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